Walk with the Persecuted - Middle East


Sunday - 9:30 AM & 11 AM Worship Service | 9:30 am & 11 AM Sunday School

Areas of focus in the Middle East

             Country       Population       Main Religion       Christians

                Syria           18,499,000             Islam                   744,000

          Saudi Arabia    34,141,000            Islam                  1,419,000

                Iraq             40,412,000             Islam                   202,000

                Iran             82,821,000             Islam                   800,000

                  Yemen           29,580,000             Islam            A few thousand

               Egypt          101,169,000            Islam                 16,250,000


Very High Persecution

*Pray for peace for Syria and ask God to relieve the suffering of Christians in hostile regions held by rebel groups who oppose Christianity.

*Pray for critical relief and aid to reach Christians who have fled their homes or lack basic resources in their cities.

*Pray for Syrian Church Leaders to have wisdom, perseverance and discernment as they lead their people and provide hope.

Saudi arabia

Very High Persecution

*Pray for isolated believers all over Saudi Arabia, who lack fellowship and community. They need discipleship and a sense of belonging.

*Pray Christian Saudis will find ways to share the truth with their own family members.

*It is forbidden to openly practice religions other than Islam-conversion is punishable by death. Please pray Muslim Saudis will come to know Jesus.


Very High Persecution

*Pray for Christians who are rebuilding their communities and churches in Iraq. Pray for trauma recovery and reconstruction efforts, that God would give peace to believers.

*Thank God that pressure and violence have both decreased slightly. Ask God to give his hope to Christians in Iraq.

*Pray priests and pastors who are leading diminished communities will find encouragement for the hard work ahead. Pray they would know they aren’t alone.


Extreme persecution

*Pray for Iranian Christians who are in prison right now for their faith. Ask God to give them hope and encouragement in their isolation.

*Pray that God will work through the leaders in Iran to create laws that provide more religious freedom for Christians and minority religions.

*Pray for secret believers who meet in house churches, that they will be protected and                                                                            will be faithful witnesses to the surrounding culture.


Extreme persecution

*Pray for peace in Yemen as opposing forces continue to clash and leave

Christians vulnerable.

*The instability in Yemen has created a refugee, food and healthcare crisis. Ask God to help provide food, clean water and relief to the people of Yemen

*Pray that the secret believers from Muslim backgrounds will have courage and                                                                                        perseverance in their faith-along with access to Bibles and discipleship materials.


Very High Persecution

*Pray for believers who have friends or family who have been injured or killed in

violent attacks. Pray for healing of hearts minds and bodies.

*Pray for unity in the Egyptian church, that Christians of all backgrounds would see themselves as a common family of God.

*Pray that God would soften the hearts of extremists and government leaders, and

                                                                    Jesus’ name would be known.