Walk with the Persecuted - Asia


Sunday - 9:30 AM & 11 AM Worship Service | 9:30 am & 11 AM Sunday School

23 rd – CHINA

• Pray for the church in China, as it adjusts to constantly tightening restrictions of religious freedom.

• Pray for Christians in ethnic minorities who have followed Jesus out of Islam or Buddhism. Pray they would find strength and fellowship.

• Pray that Christ will reveal Himself to government officials who seek to control the church

20 th - LAOS

• Pray that Christians would be able to witness to their Buddhist

neighbors and family members, and that they wouldn’t be oppressed because of their faith.

• Pray that Christians in Laos would be able to freely access Bibles and register churches. Pray for the salvation of the communist

leaders who try to restrict the church.

• Pray that Christian children in Buddhist schools would not be

                                                                      discriminated against and given low marks because of their faith.

14 th - MALDIVES

• Official policy dictates every citizen must be Muslim. Pray that God would work in the hearts of the Maldives’ leaders to change this law, and that God would be working in the hearts of Maldivian Muslims.

• Pray that God would lead secret believers to find fellowship with one

another and access to the Bible.

• Local media reports that drug abuse—in an effort to find some relif from the tight restrictions in the country - has become the biggest social issue in the Maldives. Pray                                                                              that Maldivians will turn to Jesus to experience tru freedom.

10 th - INDIA

• Pray for Christian converts from Hinduism and tribal religions who are forcefully pressured to return to their former religion.

• Pray for God’s power and protection over Christians as they preach the gospel in places with anti-conversion laws.

• Pray for the government leaders of

India, that they would change their perspective and create more room for religious freedom.


• Pray for endurance and courage for Christians who are suffering right now in labor campsacross North Korea.

• Pray that continued diplomatic efforts will result in religious freedom for the underground church in North Korea.

• Pray that God will reach Kim Jong-un and the top leaders in North Korea with the                                                                                    power of the gospel.

Prayer requests from christians in asia

  • A pastor in Lebanon is struggling under repeated challenges. Pastor Baki grew up in a Muslim family but later converted to Christianity. He became a pastor and now often leads other Muslims to Christ in his mountain community in Lebanon.
  • A key denominational leader targeted by Communist separatists continues to suffer lasting effects from his imprisonment.
  • When a young Ethiopian man came to faith his community turned against him, but he remains committed to following Christ.
  • Christian woman died earlier this month from complications due to poisoning. Anna came to Christ from a Muslim background, and her family did not accept her choice.
  • Christian leaders in Syria are struggling to operate fully after years of trying circumstances and constant instability. War, economic struggles, and now coronavirus all contribute to a constant influx of displaced peoples in need.
  • In the last few weeks, field workers in Colombia have been inundated with reports of paramilitary groups closing churches throughout northern Colombia in the states of Antioquia, Bolívar, Chocó and Córdova. They began compiling a list, which has grown to 60 churches
  • Only days after he accepted Christ, 15-year-old Seng was already facing the persecution Jesus often spoke about. After his parents learned of his decision, they sat down to talk with him, telling him he needed to renounce his "foreign" faith.