Walk with the Persecuted - Africa


Sunday - 9:30 AM & 11 AM Worship Service | 9:30 am & 11 AM Sunday School

Element #1 - Darkness

Believers meeting by the dim glow of battery powered lights or candles across the continent of Africa is a common occurrence. One reason is that large swaths of Africa is underdeveloped and the regular flow of electricity is not available. The second reason that many believers across Africa meet in the dark is out of fear of persecution.

Element #2 - Persecution in africa

Seventeen of the 50 most dangerous countries to live as a follower of Christ are on the African continent. Around this room are the flags of those 17 countries; here they are listed in the order they fall in the 50 most dangerous countries.

#3 Somalia #4 Libya #6 Eritrea #7 Sudan #12 Nigeria

#16 Egypt #17 Algeria #24 Mauritania #25 Central African Republic

#26 Morocco #28 Burkina Faso #29 Mali #34 Tunisa

#39 Ethiopia #44 Kenya #48 Cameroon #50 Niger

Element # 3 - Machete/Bullet Casings

Being persecuted for following Christ looks different across the countries listed above. Since the beginning of the Christian movement, the most common form of persecution for Christians has been violence against and the taking of physical life. The weapons of persecution change over time and across regions, but the risk has remained constant for some believers.

Element #4 – Charred bricks and wood

Another tactic that is used in an attempt to control, instill fear in, dishearten and squash the Christian movement is through destroying buildings and houses of worship.

Element #5 – Transistor Radio

Africa is a large continent where the majority of people live in rural areas where the transistor radio is common part of life. These radios partly serve to entertain and generally inform about what is happening across the region. However, these radios are also the primary way some believers have of hearing scripture and teaching.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in christ

- The persecuted followers of Christ in Africa would boldly share the Gospel

- The persecuted followers of Christ in Africa would remain joyful amid suffering

- The persecuted follwers of Christ in Africa would feel God's peace and comfort