Next steps

We are all on a journey with God and with each other. Sometimes we have to stop and ask ourselves, "What's Next?" and boldly step into the next stage of our spiritual growth. Everyone's walk with God is unique, but we have found there are certain events, milestones or as we call them "Next Steps" that are some of the hallmarks of a life lived in the Love of God

  • Get to Know God and His People

    Celebrating God's amazing love for us is something we do every Sunday at First Christian. We do this by joining in songs, lessons and stories and activities that teach and reaffirm for us who God is.  Together these elements comprise Worship, the act of getting closer to God, and knowing that God desires a relationship with all of us. You can do this by joining us at 9am or 11am on Sundays in our Worship Center.

  • Learn More About God

    God has a tremendous love for all people and wants everyone to see that love on display in His creation, in his people, and in his Word. By reading the Word of God with others  you can get to know more about Jesus, and the amazing things he has done in the lives of others, both in the past, the present and in the future. So while you are here to Worship Sunday morning, take the Next Step of finding a Bible Study Group. They meet at 9am and 10:30 so no matter what hour you worship you can find a group to study with. There is a complete listing at the worship center or simply stop by room 107 and join us as we learn more about God together.

  • Join the Family

    One you have celebrated God's love for you and learned more about him and your place in his family we're confident you are going to want to "make it official" and become a Member.  Since the beginning of the Christian movement believers have obeyed the teachings of Jesus by being Baptized. It is a simple, yet powerful moment in your walk with God where you become his child, not just in this life, but forever. If you are interested in taking this Next Step stop by the Prayer Room after any service or call the office at 726-5616. 

  • Learn about being a Member

    Once you've been baptized (or if you already have been) your Next Step is learning about being a Member of FCC. We have Sunday AM classes that meet once every 4 months to talk about what exactly membership at FCC entails. If you have been baptized at FCC you will automatically be invited to the next class. If you are transferring membership and would like to attended our next class contact the church office at 725-5616

  • Find your Church Family

    Sunday worship is an amazing experience and being a large church we are blessed to have so many people to share this time with each week. For many of us, we have found that joining a mid-week small group has helped us grow closer to God and each other. If you are like us, you probably have questions or want to discuss in further detail the topics taught about during the Sunday Sermon. In mid-week small groups, we get together and do just that. These informal gatherings allow believers to have open, honest discussions of God's Word and  their daily walk with God. Click here to browse the list of currently active groups, or better yet, just ask a friend at FCC, odds are they are in a group and would love to have you at theirs.